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Meet Dwight

Tell us about your family. I have a loving, gifted wife who is my best friend and four remarkable children, 3 sons and a daughter. Along with 3 wonderful daughter-in-laws, I'm priviledged to be a grandfather to 8 energetic, fun-loving grandchildren!

What was your worst job ever? Fixing broken toilets (usually overflowing with...) as a maintenance supervisor.

What is your favorite movie of all time? City Slickers

Your best vacation ever was . . . family time in McCall, Idaho, especially downhill cycling at a local ski resort with my 3 sons.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you? I'm one of nine children.

What are your three favorite ways to spend your free time? Walks with my wife, mountain biking, watching sports on TV

Why are you doing this job? God's calling

The best thing about your job is . . . getting to know people and sharing Jesus Christ and what He desires to do in their lives.

If you weren't doing this job and you could have any other job in the world what would it be? A job that would take me all over the world! I love to travel!

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