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When God began a new work in the lives of various people in the Bible, He often gave them new names to show that He was giving the person a new identity. Abram – Abraham; Sarai – Sarah; Jacob – Israel; Gideon – Jerub-Baal; Cephas – Peter; Joseph – Barnabas, and several others. God has been reviving in us a greater passion for Jesus, for Scripture, and for serving our neighbors. The name change celebrates and acknowledges God’s transforming work in our church. 

A compass is the tool you consult to find direction. It also helps you stay on track. For us, the infallible, inerrant Scriptures are that source of guidance. But you don’t pick up your compass if you aren’t moving. We see Jesus moving us forward, and we’re excited enough to proclaim it through this name change! 

At Compass, we’re all about community. We’re not huge in numbers, but we’re enormous in our commitment to, and enjoyment of one another. Small groups are one of the central features of our church. We also have lots of social activities and lots of all-church meals! One of the most frequent comments we hear from visitors is, “you’re the friendliest church I’ve ever visited.” “Community” also characterizes our commitment to love and serve our neighbors in this area.

The best way to find out is to join us this coming Sunday at 10 a.m., or drop into one of our many community groups during the week.